The most recent US patents on stem cells

6,132,718  Multi-stage cascade boosting vaccine  
6,130,364  Production of antibodies using Cre-mediated site-specific recombination  
6,130,316  Fusion proteins of novel CTLA4/CD28 ligands and uses therefore  
6,127,598  NKX-2.2 and NKX-6.1 transgenic mouse models for diabetes, depression, and obesity  
6,121,415  ErbB4 receptor-specific neuregolin related ligands and uses therefor  
6,121,030  CSAPK-2 protein and uses therefor  
6,118,045  Lysosomal proteins produced in the milk of transgenic animals  
6,117,654  Nucleic acid molecules encoding Tango-77-polypeptides  
6,117,650  Assay for cardiac hypertrophy  
6,114,598  Generation of xenogeneic antibodies  
6,114,123  Lipocalin family protein  
6,111,092  Nucleic acid molecules encoding DRT111 and uses thereof   
6,110,739  Method to produce novel embryonic cell populations  
6,110,718  Mammalian putative phosphatidylinositol-4-phosphate-5-kinase  
6,107,543  Culture of totipotent embryonic inner cells mass cells and production of bovine animals  
6,107,472  Receptor-type tyrosine kinase-like molecules  
6,107,088  XAF genes and polypeptides: methods and reagents for modulating apoptosis  
6,106,832  Treatment of individuals exhibiting defective CD40L  
6,103,890  Enzymatic nucleic acids that cleave C-fos  
6,103,523  Pluripotent rabbit cell lines and method of making  
6,100,445  Transgenic knockout mouse having functionally disrupted interleukin-1.beta. converting enzyme gene  
6,100,444  Prostate specific regulatory nucleic acid sequences and transgenic non-human animals expressing prostate specific antigen  
6,100,443  Universal donor cells  
6,093,545  Methods for detecting nucleic acid molecules encoding a member of the muscarinic family of receptors  
6,093,393  Methods for preparing and using clonogenic fibroblasts and transfected clonogenic fibroblasts  
6,091,001  Production of antibodies using Cre-mediated site-specific recombination  
6,090,629  Efficient construction of gene targeting using phage-plasmid recombination  
6,090,622  Human embryonic pluripotent germ cells  
6,090,561  NF-AT-interacting protein NIP45 and methods of use therefor  
6,090,381  Stimulation of an immune response with antibodies labeled with the . .alpha-galactosyl epitope  
6,087,555  Mice lacking expression of osteoprotegerin  
6,087,166  Transcriptional activators with graded transactivation potential  
6,087,107  Therapeutics and diagnostics for congenital heart disease based on a novel human transcription factor  
6,086,900  Methods and compositions for using membrane-penetrating proteins to carry materials across cell membranes  
6,084,084  Human metabotropic glutamate receptor  
6,084,067  CTLA4/CD28 ligands and uses therefor  
6,083,911  Arenavirus receptor and methods of use  
6,080,911  Mice models of growth hormone insensitivity  
6,080,910  Transgenic knockout animals lacking IgG3  
6,080,550  Isolation and characterization of Agouti: a diabetes/obesity related gene  
6,077,990  PAR2 modified transgenic mice  
6,077,936  Multidrug resistance-associated polypeptide  
6,077,686  Shc proteins  
6,077,675  Human metabotropic glutamate receptor  
6,077,667  Method for chromosomal rearrangement by consecutive gene targeting of two recombination substrates to the deletion endpoints  
6,075,181  Human antibodies derived from immunized xenomice  
6,074,849  Polynucleotides encoding human CTLA-8 related proteins  
6,074,845  Nucleic acid encoding a bovine calcitonin receptor-like receptor (BECRLR)  
6,069,297  Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficient mice and methods of using same  
6,069,010  High throughput gene inactivation with large scale gene targeting  
6,066,778  Transgenic mice expressing APC resistant factor V  
6,063,983  Monoclonal lymphocytes and methods of use  
6,063,359  Method for determining oncogenic activity of a substance  
6,060,642  Serotonin 5-HT6 receptor knockout mouse  
6,060,590  Chitinase related proteins and methods of use  
6,060,310  Transcription factor decoy and tumor growth inhibitor  
6,060,263  Mammalian lysophosphatidic acid acyltransferase  
6,057,489  MmRad51-deficient cells and transgenic mice  
6,057,128  MU-1, member of the cytokine receptor family  
6,054,575  Mammalian telomerase RNA gene promoter  
6,051,690  NSP molecules  
6,051,688  Isolated human metabotropic glutamate receptor Mglur-8  
6,051,403  Nsp molecules  
6,046,048  Apo-2 ligand  
6,046,035  Polynucleotides encoding a cardiotrophin-like cytokine  
6,043,344  Human CTLA-8 and uses of CTLA-8-related proteins  
6,043,040  Csak-3 nucleic acid molecules and uses therefor  
6,037,168  Microbiological assembly comprising resealable closure means  
6,037,148  MTBX protein and nucleic acid molecules and uses therefor  
6,034,062  Bone morphogenetic protein (BMP)-9 compositions and their uses  
6,033,861  Methods for obtaining nucleic acid containing a mutation  
6,031,088  Polycystic kidney disease PKD2 gene and uses thereof  
6,031,078  MTbx protein and nucleic acid molecules and uses therefor  
6,031,003  Calcium receptor-active molecules  
6,030,833  Transgenic swine and swine cells having human HLA genes  
6,030,617  Use of growth differentiation factor-9 (GDF-9) to inhibit oocyte maturation  
6,028,244  Defective platelet activation in G.alpha..sub.q deficient mice  
6,028,243  Mice and cells with a homozygous disruption in the RNase L gene and methods therefore  
6,028,184  Pax6 and Pax4 nucleic acid mixtures  
6,027,917  Bone morphogenetic protein (BMP)-17 and BMP-18 compositions  
6,025,157  Neurturin receptor  
6,022,708  Fused  
6,020,194  DNA encoding a Myt1 polypeptide  
6,015,671  Myocardial grafts and cellular compositions  
6,015,670  Methods for identifying a mutation in a gene of interest without a phenotypic guide using ES cells  
6,015,554  Method of reconstituting human lymphoid and dendritic cells  
6,013,468  RNA component of telomerase  
6,011,197  Method of cloning bovines using reprogrammed non-embryonic bovine cells  
6,011,068  Calcium receptor-active molecules  
6,010,853  Siva genes, novel genes involved in CD27-mediated apoptosis  
6,008,434  Growth differentiation factor-11 transgenic mice  
6,004,941  Methods for regulating gene expression  
6,002,066  H2-M modified transgenic mice  
6,001,588  Introns and exons of the cystic fibrosis gene and mutations thereof  
5,998,204  Fluorescent protein sensors for detection of analytes  
5,998,187  Receptor tyrosine kinase  
5,998,136  Selection systems and methods for identifying genes and gene products involved in cell proliferation  
5,994,620  Induced chromosomal deletion  
5,994,619  Production of chimeric bovine or porcine animals using cultured inner cell mass cells  
5,994,618  Growth differentiation factor-8 transgenic mice  
5,994,523  Melanoma antigens and their use in diagnostic and therapeutic methods  
5,994,130  Multidrug resistance-associated polypeptide  
5,994,075  Methods for identifying a mutation in a gene of interest without a phenotypic guide  
5,990,281  Vertebrate smoothened proteins  
5,989,914  Integration cassette for improvement of transgenesis in eukaryotes  
5,986,056  Chordin compositions  
5,985,660  Method of identifying biological response modifiers involved in dendritic and/or lymphoid progenitor cell proliferation and/or differentiation  
5,985,659  Embryonic stem cell lines obtained from C3H/HeN and DBA/1J mouse strains  
5,985,615  Directed switch-mediated DNA recombination  
5,985,602  Secreted proteins and polynucleotides encoding them  
5,981,830  Knockout mice and their progeny with a disrupted hepsin gene  
5,981,277  Polypeptides and peptides, nucleic acids coding for them, and their use in the field of tumor therapy, inflammation or immunology